Wedding & Engagment Photographer in Raleigh, NC

There's something about wedding photography. Each new session makes me fall in love with wedding and engagement photography all over again. It's the private joke between bride and groom, tucked into the corner of a smile. It's all those moments of joy, unscripted and honest. These things are what make each wedding and each couple stand out, unique and beautiful.

From the very first minutes of an engagement photography session with a couple, to the elegant and heartfelt simplicity of the bridal portrait session, right on through to the last piece of cake, I love getting to know a couple. Finding out what makes people tick is the first step to capturing great portraits on their wedding day. Think of your photographer as hot fudge – the perfect accompaniment to the ice cream sundae of your wedding. Get to know me and my photography style!

Wedding & Engagment Portfolio

Every couple is unique, so each picture I take is an opportunity to capture that originality.

Her smile during the bridal portraits, his father helping him with the cufflinks before the ceremony on his wedding day … Photography should reflect the subjects, showing the true personalities of the bride and groom.

Take a look at how I've gotten to know other couples, and how I've captured their love and their wedding, by checking out my Portfolio of contemporary wedding photography. You'll see images from Engagements and Ceremonies, and get a feel for my style. You'll see laughter and moments of quiet contemplation. You'll see portraits and candid wedding photojournalism. You'll see love, pure and simple, amidst the bright whirlwind of a celebration between families and friends. Don't let me just tell you about it – go see for yourself!

Photography Workshops

When you love photography as much as I do, you're constantly honing your craft. I offer two photography workshops throughout the country.

For the Love is a large scale, all-inclusive, week-long workshop. It's a way to get away from the hassles of daily life, to find fellowship with other photographers, and to find inspiration from the ultimate Creator of creativity – God. Rest, learn, and be inspired.

I frequently run another, smaller workshop throughout the year, called Renew. It's a full-day workshop, and its focus is photography basics, from mastering white balance to keeping your photography business streamlined and effective. The small workshop means we all learn from one another, and is a great way to share tricks of the trade, as well as a few laughs together.

Hear what others are saying about these workshops, find prices, or give me a shout – I'd love to hear from you!

Wedding Photography Prices

On your wedding, you shouldn't be worrying about how much each photograph is costing you.

Choose from any of the versatile packages that are tailored to fit your needs, as well as a selection of a la carte add-ons. With every package, you'll receive editing and color-correction on your final images. From basic short-and-sweet sessions to packages with albums, high-res DVDs, license releases, and hours of attention - the right package for your needs are here.

Learn more about the available photography packages, or contact me today to get a quote or set up a session!

Kay Peebles Kay Peebles

Ginny Corbett Photography

Your love shines through every photograph.  As I watched you photograph Julie & Beruk’s wedding, I saw your love and passion.  What a wonderful blessing for us all.

Ginny Corbett Photography

Kay Peebles